Best place to save and earn

CryptoBank provides top-of-line security while not compromising any banking functionality. In a CryptoBank account, you can save all your crypto assets and earn great interest in them.


No. Crypto Interest rate (APY)
1 TRX (TRX) 12.00 %
2 ETH (ETH) 9.00 %
3 BTC (BTC) 7.00 %
4 BNB (BNB) 10.00 %

Better than your Bank

Better security, no mediators, Higher Interest

CrytoBank is a banking solution that provides security as well as opportunities at the same time on your crypto assets. Anyone can store their cryptocurrencies in their respected account on CryptoBank, from here they can make transactions easily and they can also enjoy regular interest at higher rate and more earning opportunities through staking and mining.

Saving Benefits

CryptoBank is one of its kind financial solution that holds many benefits for the users. Join now to know everything in detail.

All Banking Facilities

Not just saving and earning, we want to provide the best banking experience to our users.

Higher Interest Rates

Whether you are using CryptoBank to save your cryptocurrencies or staking it for higher returns. Cryptobank as a leading crypto banking solution provides the best interest rates in the market. So, hold your fund on our platform and start earning on it.

Instant Transactions

Unlike the traditional banking system that takes too much time and cuts a hefty amount in the name of taxes. CryptoBank made it straightforward, all the transactions (Withdrawl and deposit) will happen instantly, and since there is no Government or mediators engaged, taxes will be minimum.

Earn more on Crypto

Make your crypto assets work for you with CryptoBank. We provide endless earning opportunities.

  • Higher Interest
  • Lower Taxes
  • No Mediators
  • Easy Withdrawal

Join CryptoBank and experience the Future

CryptoBank is a fully-featured banking solution that provides quality services with endless opportunities. With a fully-secured account, it makes saving your crypto assets to account and then performing the transactions (withdrawal and deposit) easier. With modern-day technologies, blockchain, and our banking solution the project will revolutionize the way people are saving funds till now. Transactions will be instant and in the absence of government and mediators taxation will become as low as possible. Along with saving, the project provides staking and mining opportunities so the stored crypto can also grow at a great pace.

Calculate Your Crypto Yield

Select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to save and see how much interest you could be generating on your assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our representatives often face.

Yes, your investment is 100% safe. Cryptobank has incorporated various security standards that assure the safety of your savings and investments.
No, there is no limit on the savings amount, it is up to you how much you want to save.
CryptoBank is more secure and profitable in terms of ROI as compared to the traditional banking system. However, deposit and withdrawal speed is also a key difference between both.
Our customer support representative will be always ready to help you in any such situation. With the live chat feature added to the account dashboard, we are always connected and ready to help.

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